Friday, October 6, 2017

Lee Cheuk Nam 1718 exchange in Switzerland

For me, this month is just so great and awesome! 

Since I've much great time with my classmates in the school camp, met more exchange students and started my first holiday! First, I've my Orientation camp in the beginning of this month, and I really love that camp cause I have met many new friends who are from different countries and known more about Swiss culture through those country talks. 

In this camp, even though we had to hand in our phones and watches , to ensure us won't be distracted by Internet and the time, I still enjoyed it. We played a lot of games and got to know each other more, and most importantly, I could know more about others' culture through conversation, like Finland, the USA, South Africa and so on. I really love to listen to the thing that they shared with me as I can broaden my horizon, which is one of my exchange purposes too! Besides, this camp even made me love AFS much more cause I can really feel that AFS students just like a big family with a strong bond, we will support each other and be with each other for this year cause we know better the feeling, difficulties of being an exchange students than others, and we can even be lifetime friend, this feeling is just really good !

Then, the other highlight of this month is my school camp, during the camp, we made so much memories and I've known them much more too !

To be honest, it's boring for the first two days, cause we still had Geography and Physics lessons on these days, and teachers talked in Swiss-German, so I really don't understand .But then, we went to hiking on the third day !Although the hike is really tough and I've thought about giving up for a few times, when I reached to the top and saw those awesome, beautiful views, it's worth .And at that moment, I knew my decision of choosing Swiss is right, cause I really love the nature and the views in here is the best !Besides, during the hike, I talked much more with my friends and encouraged each other, which could really make us get closer .Then on the next day, I even tried to ride a Scooter, which is something I played for the first in my life and it had already grown on me !Indeed, in the beginning, it's really hard to keep the balance since it's my first time, but then with more practice, I finally learnt how to ride it and it had brought so much fun to me, I really enjoyed riding it and I would love to ride it again and again !

Also, I'm really happy with I did something I had never tried— the scooter, cause I overcame the difficulties, challenged myself and pushed myself to do better . I'm really satisfied with that as I achieved something I never expect and gained a sense of accomplishment .Lastly, it's my Autumn break now !I'm going to explore more cities in here, seeing more beautiful views and having a great holiday, so I'm really excited for this !!!!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Menye Eto Brigitte 1718 exchange in Brazil

My Host Family

Friend in Schools, Amigos!

Hello! I'm Menye Eto Brigitte and I'm starting my journey here in Brazil. I think I'm really lucky because I have a really good host family and my host school is really amazing host school too. My host family had experience of being a host family so they really let me try a lot of different stuff.

The first month to live with my host family. My host family loves to cook and eat, let me to tried different Brasil foods. Also I will go and help them when they're cooking, to make breakthrough for myself, it's because I seldom cook in Hong Kong and also I could learn how to cook some brazlian meals.

The first moth of school, it was amazing! I chose Music to learn and I was amazed by the talent of the students. My classmates are very energetic and passionate. They are very nice and helpful. We often come up some songs and sang it together.

I really enjoy the first month of being here. Let's start my adventure here is Brazil.

Chan Zedekiah 1718 exchange in Costa Rica

Hi, I am Zedekiah Chan.  I have been Costa Rica for almost a month. 

I have learn a bit of Costa Rica and Costa Ricans. Of course, the first thing I have learned must be food.  Normally, we eat the most is rice and beans in almost every meal.  Rice and beans also known as Gallo pinto which is the Spanish name of this dish. The dish usually consists of white or brown rice with red or black beans. Sometimes they will serve with cheese and egg. Gallo pinto had a meaning of “spotted rooster” in Spanish. The name is said to originate in the multi-colored or speckled appearance that results from cooking the rice together with black or red beans.  

Except Gallo pinto, there is a traditional dish called “patacones”. . Patacones is a dish made out of green plantains which is a kind of banana from Costa Rica. It can’t be eat directly, people firied green plantains to make a dish. Some people will serve patacones with beans dip or patacones with cheese or even with shrimp ceviche. It is sweet and sour, tastes like banana with sugar and also similar to Chinese shrimp cake.

Costa Rica’s coffee is one of the best coffee and famous in the world.  The farmers grow coffee and usually harvest in December to March. The coffee beans will be exported to many countries such as Australia and USA. Coffee farmers have played a key role in Costa Rica's history and continues to be important to the country's economy.

   Walking around in here, you will find that Costa Rica don't have tall buildings. It's not because of they are not allowed to build, it’s because of the Costa Rica's famous living volcanos and the rain season. The living volcanos will caused the earthquakes and may flood in the rain season. Costa Rica has 3 volcanos. Those volcanos are living. They will be erupted at any time. The volcanos eruption usually grow smokes and dust. Only in some special cases, the volcanos will produce lava and rocks. In April of 2017, there is one of the Costa Rica’s volcanos which call the “Poas” awoke and produce the lava all over the hills. For the reasons of the volcanos eruption may cause the earthquake; also the rain in October is super strong here to cause flooding, that’s why the Government will not allow to have tall buildings.  Nevertheless, actually the most important reason is Costa Rica is a Eco-country. They try all their best to keep the country as green and natural as much as possible.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chan Wai Yan 2016-2017 exchange in Italy

I have been here in Italy for six months. I had so many “First time “here. I did and experienced something that I can’t find in Hong Kong. The most unforgettable one is my first skiing in my life. In Hong Kong, I didn’t get the chance to ski because of its sub-tropical monsoon climate. This experience makes my exchange year more challenging and fulfilling. Also, I have a lot of memorable moments with my host family and friends. In conclusion, my experience here is full of love and beautiful things. I am sure that there are still loads of things waiting for me to experience so I am looking forward to my upcoming journey.

Traditional festivals can represent the cultures and history of a country. Carnival is one of the most important and historical festival in Italy. Carnival of Venice is popular worldwide and regarded as one of the best carnivals in the world.

This Carnival has started since 1094 in Venice and is held in February annually. In the old days, the original purpose of Carnival was to promote equality because in the Middle Age, the concept of social classes was really strong. In daily life, people had to obey the rules according to their social classes, for instance blue-blooded , commoner or labor. Only in Carnival, they could experience equality for a short while as they all hid behind the beautiful and gorgeous facemasks. No one noticed who you were. It seemed that facemasks can blur the line between different characters in the society. Therefore, some believed that Carnival was the tool for people to escape from the stress of the society. Under the shelter of the masks, they could freely express their thoughts. As time goes by, the restriction of social classes was untied gradually. Nowadays, Carnival is a festive moment that symbolizes joy. The facemasks and the special costumes enrich the joyful atmosphere and mark their unique culture. It also attracts many tourists to join every year. The Carnival is definitely worth a go once in your lifetime.

2016-2017 Host student Mariana from Brazil

I am Mariana from Brazil, an exchange student in Hong Kong this year. I am here since the end of August and it has been amazing so far. Over the past month, I’ve been to a lot of great places and met a lot of amazing people, locals and other exchange students. I visited some of the countless temples, went to the beach in Lantau Island, ate Dim Sum in local restaurants, enjoyed the view of Victoria Harbour, took the Star Ferry, watched the fireworks in the National Day of China, and a lot of other amazing and new experiences, like the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Hong Kong is literally where east meets west, you can walk in some old Chinese districts where no one speaks English and in the same day you can go up to the 103th floor in one of the tallest
buildings in the world, the ICC Tower. It is certainly one place that everyone should visit, at least once.

My host family here was a big good surprise. It’s all very different from my home country, but they always help me and are here for me, just like my Brazilian family. We have dinner together every night, and they always want to show me the city, and the local foods. I feel very happy when I’m with them, and since the first days, they always try to make me feel at home. I never thought I would have a family in the other side of the world, and I know I am very lucky for this. We had some amazing experiences so far, and I am very excited to spend more nine months with them.


大家好, 我是何汶憲, 一名香港的中四學生, 去年11月我參加了AFS 海外交流的甄選計劃, 並從云云的參加者中順利被挑選, 可以到匈牙利展開一年的交流生生活。2016年8月19日, 我與四名香港學生一起坐飛機前往匈牙利, 光陰似箭, 日月如梭, 我已在匈牙利生活了6個月。我在這裡可以接觸不同的人, 不同的新事物。每一天, 我都要不停地面對新挑戰和新嘗試。

 我住在匈牙利第七大城市 - Nyíregyháza , 這裡不及香港般先進及發達, 歐州古堡式的氣氛也不太濃厚, 而是大自然的地方很多, 作為一個城市人的我, 我並沒有抱怨及不滿, 我反而感恩上天給我一個寶貴的機會去接觸大自然。更令我高興是我被安排入讀藝術中學, 雖然是一間中學, 但學習模式像大學般, 教導學生各個不同的視藝範疇, 令我獲益良多,他們學生的視藝科的水平十分高, 令我大開眼界。

我認識到不少來自世界各地的交流生, 例如 : 巴西、德國、意大利、泰國......等等, 每一名交流生都有不同的背景、故事、文化。與他們聊天時, 我得着不少, 增進了不少溝通技巧和改善英語會話能力。有時候, 我們會談談大家各自不同的文化及生活習慣。地球雖然在宇宙中是很細小, 卻有着不同的人種, 說着不同的語言, 各民族有各自不同的文化, 讓我有無比的興趣繼續發

匈牙利位於歐州的中部, 四面都沒有海, 所以匈牙利人是很少機會吃新鮮海產, 甚至有些人是十分抗拒食海產, 連聞到魚味都受不了, 覺得十分腥, 因此匈牙利人大多是吃雞、豬、牛、火雞等為主要肉食。匈牙利人跟其他歐州國家一樣十分喜歡吃麵包及薯仔 , 而我自己本身是不喜歡吃麵包及薯仔, 現在要入鄉隨俗, 硬着頭皮都要迫自己慢慢習慣吃。另外, 匈牙利人喜歡吃內臟、脂肪, 大部份食物內都加酸奶, 真係估佢唔到, 以為只有中國人喜歡吃內臟, 原來他們也好此道。有一種食物是很有趣的, 他們喜歡在聚會時吃的, 他們會用燒烤义义着一塊豬的脂肪來燒, 直至那塊脂肪有些溶的感覺, 將油脂一滴滴的滴在三文治內, 內夾有黃甜椒(paprika) , 味道十分甜的並加一點油脂味。由於匈牙利的冬天是十分寒冷, 曾試過負二十多度的低溫, 人們需要大量的熱量暖身, 他們並不抗拒脂肪等食物。
掘下去, 認識更多人和事。
匈牙利人是無酒不歡的, 不論是紅酒、白酒、啤酒、烈酒都十分喜愛, 所以不論是晚飯、派對、家庭聚會都一定要喝酒的。他們尤其鍾情於一種匈牙利烈酒 (pálínka), 酒精濃度高達四十多至五十度, 入口燒喉, 但慢慢會有一陣陣果甜從口腔中散發出來。匈牙利的青年人和成人皆喜歡到酒吧和俱樂部,結識新朋友,與友人聊天, 他們的性格是喜歡熱鬧的。

此外, 匈牙利人是十分嗜甜的, 真是無甜不歡, 他們的飲料是甜到我都受不了。我覺得他們的健康飲食意識比較薄弱,太甜易引致糖尿病,嗜酒會傷肝, 高油脂食物易引致高膽固醇, 從而誘發心臟疾病的風險。

雖然如此, 讓我親身感受到地球另一角落匈牙利人的飲食文化。我能夠在這半年內認識到不同的人、事與物, 所見所聞, 豐富了我的人生, 更加學懂了獨立, 每一件事都令我一生難忘, 謝謝 AFS 所提供的一年交流生活, 我會好好享受餘下的數個月交流生活, 回港後要全力瞓身的準備後年的文憑試。

Lee Cheuk Nam 1718 exchange in Switzerland

For me, this month is just so great and awesome!  Since I've much great time with my classmates in the school camp, met more excha...